Concussions, TBI's and Neck Trauma. What you need to know with Dr. Jon Chung

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It’s football season. Not only is the NFL in full swing but kids of all ages are back on the field. And this brings to light, yet again, the issue of concussions. But football isn’t the only culprit. Sports of all kinds can cause concussive forces. Falls from play equipment, shopping cars, horseback riding, car accidents. The list is endless. Most people we know have probably had a concussion or know someone who has. And IF they haven’t they most definitely had some kind of whiplash injury in their life. Today we talk about concussions, traumatic brain injuries and neck trauma and what you need to know. We discuss the latest care recommendations and recovery protocol and working with a variety of practitioners to get the best results and recovery. My guest today on this podcast is Dr. Jon Chung.

Dr. Chung is an upper cervical chiropractor practicing in Wellington, FL. He is a published author and speaker on the effects craniocervical injuries and their relationship to concussion, neurodegeneration, and dysautonomia.

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