Fermented Foods. Gut health, healthy bugs and your food with Dr. Carolyn Griffin of My Cultured Life.

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Fermented foods. What are they? Is is safe to eat or drink? How easy is it to make at home? Do I need a degree in microbiology? In today’s podcast with, Dr. Carolyn Griffin of My Cultured Life, we answer these questions and more. We dispel some myths and really explain what fermented foods are and why you want them as a regular addition to your diet. We also talk about how to heal your gut if you are having digestive or chronic health issues. And how to find someone to help you do it properly and safely. Hint: it’s not as simple as taking probiotics or adding fermented foods to your diet.

Dr. Carolyn Griffin graduated from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and spent the past 20+ years serving patients with Chiropractic care. She loves helping patients see the macro-perspective on their overall health, not just the one area they want to improve. For her, Chiropractic is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Understanding the power a Chiropractic adjustment can have on the nervous system resulting in improved body function, along with becoming a Certified Fermentationist and using the healing power of fermented foods, has led her into the wonderful world of gut health and the brain-gut connection.

As a result, she created My Cultured Life! My Cultured Life is a learning source to teach people how to make fermented foods and beverages on their own. This is where she shares what’s brewing in her kitchen and easy ways for you to do the same. Fermented foods and beverages are the best way to get your daily dose of a variety of healthy probiotics. With so many people suffering from chronic diseases, fermentation along with Chiropractic care may be the best combination to address the root cause of many of these gut-related conditions.

Find more info, and recipes, for fermenting at My Cultured Life.

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