Tuning Into Your Values and Embracing Change with Lisa Engle

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Today’s podcast was a true test of walking our talk; schedule changes, bloopers and all. Lisa Engle and I chat about embracing the never ending life of change and how we can successfully adapt to it and not fight it. Having a full, big, life means we always have many things and people to manage. With this comes inevitable change, disruption and variation in our plans. We talk about tips to adaptation and how to see the big picture for a life of joy and health.

Lisa Engle is a mother of 5, chiropractic advocate, lecturer, author, owner of OptiMOM Coaching and after nearly 30 years of service as assistant and manager, the co-owner of the Atlanta Natural Health Clinic, a chiropractic office in Atlanta, GA.  At OptiMOM Coaching, the vision of a well world is held at center with great recognition that to raise healthy and well children, we need healthy and well parents. With nearly 3 decades of serving in the chiropractic profession, the language of integrity,function, potential,  and “inside out health” is one that flows effortlessly; giving a reflective model for moms to grow with as they lead their family’s well being. To learn more about Lisa’s work and contact her, please visit www.optiMOMcoaching.com or www.AtlantaNaturalHealth.com

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