You Did WHAT with your placenta? Placental Encapsulation with Krystin Blocher!

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You did WHAT with your placenta? Today on the podcast we get into placental encapsulation. We talk about what it is, the clinical and results and anecdotal stories of people who have ingested dried placenta. We also go over misconceptions like the placenta being full of toxins and the safety of encapsulation. Krystin has been studying encapsulation and preparing placentals for clients for years. If you have a question about your placenta, this woman has your answers!

Kristyn Blocher has been encapsulating client placentas professionally in the Pacific Northwest, for 8 years. She is also a labor doula, postpartum & infant care doula, and infant feeding specialist. She owns a local doula agency called Doulas Northwest and is also Director of Training & Development for ProDoula - The Leading Edge Certification Organization for Birth Workers. 

Kristyn is an Olympia native and single mother of two, who are now big kids! 12 and 17. She is also a commercial pilot and former flight instructor, who still loves to get into an airplane any chance she gets. She loves coffee, slow mornings, and adventure. 

You can reach Kristyn at Doulas Northwest

For doula training and placental encapsulation training, you can reach her at ProDoula.

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