Episode 7: Sue Patterson. Unschooling? Honoring Your Children in a Holistic Model of Education.

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Unschooling seems an unlikely topic for a Family Health Podcast but I believe that honoring our children’s innate ability to thrive involves the whole child and their physical, social and emotional health. Choosing your method of education should come without fear attached but in trust and in love. Our family has chosen unschooling because it aligns with our values. What is unschooling? We dive into this and many of the common questions parents have with homeschooling and unschooling veteran, Sue Patterson.

Sue Patterson, a veteran homeschooling/unschooling mom, is also an author, a conference speaker, a homeschooling coach and unschooling mentor. Her social media presence, Unschooling Mom2Mom, has garnered over 35,000. Sue helps families who are new on the own homeschooling paths as well as those further down the road who are still struggling to make it work.

She is a wife and a mom to three grown unschoolers. They began their homeschooling journey in 1996 when they discovered schools were not going to be a good fit. After 20 years of helping families and connecting with others in the homeschooling community, she is excited to share her insights and experiences with us.  

Sue has a coaching practice where she helps families who aren’t happy with their kids’ educational situations. She shows families how life can be so much fuller and richer if they can shed some of the schoolish thoughts that hold them back. She helps them see all the options that are actually available to them

Sue also published a fabulous book, Homeschooled Teens. If you have fears about the teen years, you'll want to read what 75 young people have to say about their lives as homeschooled teens.  (link: https://www.books2read.com/homeschooledteens

Sue is active on social media, hosting the widely popular Facebook page: Unschooling Mom2Mom. www.facebook.com/UnschoolingMom2Mom
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Find out more about working with Sue 1:1, in groups, or through her DIY courses at www.SuePatterson.com and/or subscribing to her free email list. http://www.tiny.cc/UnschoolingUpdates