Self Care Essentials For Your Health with Cara Mendez

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Self care is a buzz word these days and it’s a buzz I think people (especially women but also men) should listen to! Today I chat with Cara Mendez, a mom, entrepreneur, homeschooler, wife and busy lady who at one point in life burned the candle at both ends and her health, and family, suffered because of it. We talk, real talk, about taking care of yourself to have a fulfilled, healthy, joyful life. It doesn’t have to cost money or even take that much time. Tune in to hear all the tips that can create a huge shift in your life!

Cara Mendez is a Intuitive Business Coach to homeschooling entrepreneurs and creator of Back to Center and the Chaos to Grace Revolution. She is a former perfectionist, self-care advocate, and Certified Pranic Healer. Over the past decade, Cara experienced first-hand giving and doing from a place of depletion that ultimately resulted in adrenal fatigue. On her healing journey, she discovered a new found self-worth through daily self-care practices that reconnected her with her true self. And since, it is her passion to share the mindset and simplified life and business strategies it takes to cultivate a life of ease and grace. Recently, Cara had the honor to be part of the 2017 St Louis Listen to Your Mother cast where she shared her story of motherhood depletion and how it lead her to a self-care lifestyle. She lives in the rural, picturesque town of Pacific, MO with her amazing husband, 5 gorgeous kiddos and 2 rescue dogs where they homeschool and run multiple businesses.