Episode 4: Arica Goulet. Risky Play for Optimal Health?

fearless with Arica Goulet.png

Have you ever thought that letting your kids explore and take risks is irresponsible? What if they get hurt? Today I chat with Arica Goulet about the benefits of letting children explore in an environment that is safe enough, maybe not as safe as "possible".

Arica is a mom of 3 kids, with a very diverse career and education background.

Her primary interests include promoting optimal family wellness through nutrition and recreation, as well as optimal child development through risky play.

Arica is a certified Kids Nutrition Specialist, Family Educator and Parent Coach. As well, Arica serves as a Breastfeeding Counselor with Breastfeeding USA and works as a rec coach and gym liaison for Ground Zero Gymnastics in Mt. Vernon.

Arica's first and foremost goal is to help parents be the parents THEY want to be and help families reach the goals and happiness THEY desire.

You can reach Arica here: