Episode 2: Dr. Amy Horn. Living in a Holistic Paradigm

fearless with Amy Horn.png

Join me as I chat with Dr Amy Horn about what Holistic Health means to her. Her experience growing up in a holistic health paradigm and the effects that has had on her and her children. We also touch on the opioid crisis we are seeing today and some tips on avoiding the adverse effects of opioid addiction.

Dr Amy Horn is a Doctor of Chiropractic specialized in Family Wellness Care. Dr Horn believes that optimal and vibrant health is achieved in a system free of nerve interference.

Dr Horn is a mompreneur- Raising 3 children and leading a successful practice in Arnold, Missouri. Dr Horn is certified in Webster Technique and many of her practice members begin care while in utero! Dr Horn lives her passion for holistic health and is fully committed to using her positive energy to inspire health and well being in her community and beyond~

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